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Falcon Law Group are not your typical lawyers. We treat clients like family. We often hear: “You folks aren’t like other lawyers. You’re like regular people” -- a high compliment! The law is confusing and scary if you don’t deal with it every day. We want you to have peace of mind. We speak plain English. 


Falcon Law Group works hard to meet the needs of our clients with high-quality legal services in a relaxed, friendly way. We are Not Your Typical Lawyers.

We provide the following services: Special Needs and Mental Health Planning; Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning; Guardianship; Special Needs Settlement Planning; and Business Life Cycle Planning. In addition, clients often ask us about legal services that are not in our practice areas. When that happens, we direct them to someone who can help with that need.

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Owners of closely-held businesses follow a business life cycle just like a parent raising a child. They create the business (conception), they nurse it to maturity (teenage years), once established, they continue to run it (adulthood), and, eventually, the owners age, and want to pass the business on (retirement or death). We assist these owners with our Business Life Cycle Planning® for business owners. Through our combination of business and estate planning skills, we view the business owner holistically, integrating the four major choice points in the life cycle of a closely-held business: business formation; general legal and management operations: internal shareholder/owner relations; business succession planning (when owners wish to pass the business on); and owners' estate planning, to ensure that the business succession plan dovetails with the owners' estate plan. In some cases, the owners may decide to sell the business rather than pass it on. We help with that as well.

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We help plaintiff personal injury attorneys, their clients, and structured settlement advisers, to use self-settled ((d)(4)(A)) special needs trusts to hold settlement proceeds, thus avoiding loss of needs-based government benefits (such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)) by the permanently-disabled injured client. We prepare appropriate Special Needs Trusts and necessary court pleadings, such as motion papers, affidavits and briefs, seeking court approval of the Special Needs Trust to hold settlement or award proceeds. If necessary, we appear in court in support of request for use of special needs trust, where requested by counsel or required by the court. We also give general guidance respecting compliance with Medicaid liens, Medicare liens, Medicare Set-Aside accounts, Qualified Settlement Accounts and other factors to be considered prior to completing the funding of Special Needs Trusts and payment of attorneys’ fees.

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There may come a time when a loved one is no longer capable of managing the typical activities of daily living. Perhaps the person is a child with developmental or intellectual disabilities, a beloved elder, or a person whose life was drastically changed by an accident. Someone may have to step up to care for that person. Often a guardianship of the loved one is indicated. We help families and caregivers through the process of deciding whether guardianship is needed, or whether alternate options, such as power of attorney and advanced health care directives will work. If guardianhip is appropriate, we will walk with you through the process of obtaining guardianship of the person and property of the  loved one.

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We work with clients and their financial advisers, accountants and other professionals to identify estate planning goals. We develop tax-advantageous structures and approaches directed to preserve family harmony by selecting from a wide variety of estate planning vehicles, including basic wills, wills that maximize the use of the unified credit equivalent for married clients, wills containing provisions specific to non-U.S. citizens, lifetime and testamentary charitable trusts, special needs trusts, personal residence trusts, life insurance trusts, grantor trusts, charitable trusts, durable powers of attorney, and health care proxies. We also assist in the probate and administration of estates when a loved one passes away.

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We get it! 

We have the greatest respect for families having a loved one with disabilities or mental illness and the challenges they all face. We will be with you every step of the way. Who will care for my my child when I am gone? What government benefits are available and how can we preserve them? How can I provide for them? How will this affect our other children?

You have questions -- we have answers.

Techniques include special needs trusts, wills, trusts, advanced  health care directives, psychiatric advanced directives, ABLE accounts, and other vehicles. We help you through the maze of government benefits: Medicaid, SSI; SSDI; SS Childhood Disability Benefits (DAC); Medicare; CSOC, DDD; SNAP, Section 8 housing.

Our attorneys are frequent local and national lecturers on special needs and mental health planning, both to professionals, such as other attorneys, CPAs and financial planners, as well as to families facing those challenges. Check our Seminar page.

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